So Little Time    3rd vinyl single   1965

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                                             !  THE LATEST NEWS  !
         3 new Summer 2014 releases !!!

 1     "I Wanna Shout!"  by The D-Men early Fifth Estate,
                                  is out!   June 15, 2014
       A 12" vinyl album of
the band's early 1964-65 material 
       before they became The Fifth Estate.
       With 14 songs, plus 4 page (album sized) notes and info. 
       Purchase either direct from: Break-A-Way above or
       in the US at:  Http://

 2    "Take The Fifth" CD release date Aug 12, 2014  order now! 
       With 14 current songs and booklet featuring the new song
       "Liar's Dance"

 3    The BEST OF The Fifth Estate - soon to be released! 
       An incredible collection of 15 mostly later 60s 5E songs
       With 3 hits from three countries and a lot from the intense
       Greenwich Village and touring period of the band including 
       complete song notes!