THE FIFTH ESTATE    Take The Fifth
                                           (Why not? Everyone else is!)

                                               Much Thanks to Shel Talmy for his help with our recent
                                                            Time Tunnel  and  Take The Fifth   albums

                                                                then                                                              now      

                                                           Great fun! Great work Shel !!

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        So Little Time    3rd vinyl single   1965


                                             !  THE LATEST NEWS  !
                  New 2014 releases !!!

 1     "I Wanna Shout!"  by The D-Men early Fifth Estate is out!

       A 12" vinyl album of
the band's early 1964-65 material 
       before they became The Fifth Estate.

       With 14 songs, plus 4 page (album sized) notes and info. 
       Purchase either direct from: Break-A-Way above or
       in the US at:  Get Hip  (SOLD OUT - hit above title for copies)

 2    "Take The Fifth" 14 songs and booklet, featuring new tune
                                  "Liar's Dance"
       Dedicated to guess who!!??  Seems we have several choices!

 3    The BEST OF The Fifth Estate - soon to be released!
       An incredible collection of 15 mostly later 60s 5E songs
       With 3 hits from three countries and a lot from the intense
       Greenwich Village and touring period of the band including 
       complete song notes! 

                                  Some Misc Pix!